It Only Takes Everything You've Got!

In “It Only Takes Everything You’ve Got!,” Julio Melara offers personal strategies to achieve more in your life. Whether in business, home, sports or the classroom, he’ll teach you how to develop and practice the skills you need to fulfill your potential. After reading this book, you’ll understand how meaningful success is and discover it’s within the grasp of anyone who chooses to reach for it!

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Mental Snacks

We live in chaotic times. The relentless demands of work, marriage, family, finances and even friendships exceed our capacity. Many are just trying to get through the day. Millions of people wake up every morning and are assaulted with arrows of doubt, worry, confusion, depression, anger or condemnation in their mind. Inside this book, you’ll find insights to help you prepare mentally for the battles of life. When you fill your mind with positive thoughts and the right perspective, it brings freedom and peace to your life. By digesting these mental snacks, you can make necessary changes in your thinking and perspective. Inside you is the potential to make a difference in your family, work and community—but it all starts with the way you think.

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Do You Have The Time For Success?

Over 500,000 copies sold worldwide and translated into Spanish, Russian, Hungarian, and Croatian. Julio Melara shows you that now is the Time for Action! T.I.M.E. is about your Talent, Information, Motivation and Enthusiasm. He takes these simple ingredients and shares his recipe on how you can enjoy the journey of success and accomplish more in your life.

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Keys To Performance

Inside this booklet are 100 keys and insights on topics that affect your performance, productivity, prosperity, potential, protection and possibilities in your life. They have inspired and helped me, and I hope they do the same for you.

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